Michael Jary

Senior Advisor

Michael Jary was one of the founding team of OC&C Strategy Consultants in 1987. This year marks his 33rd year in consulting.

Michael was a member of OC&C’s founding team, and has previously served as the firm’s Worldwide Managing Partner. He now focuses on board-level advice to OC&C’s clients and thought leadership.

He works with the boards of major corporations in Europe, the Americas and Asia. He is a regular speaker and commentator, especially on topics to do with retail and branding, the impact of technology, corporate governance and social purpose.

Outside of OC&C, Michael is involved in several company boards and charities. He is a non-executive director and main board member of Barclays Bank UK plc. He is chair of the commercial committee of The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Foundation, and chair of Duchy Originals, the largest organic food brand in the UK. He is chair of Itad, the leading advisory firm in international development. He is a trustee of Opera Holland Park, an advisory board member of the Fashion Retail Academy, an ambassador for the Retail Trust, and a guest lecturer at INSEAD. He is the lead non-executive director at Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government. He has previously been the chair of Fairtrade.

Education & Prior Experience

  • SOAS, University of London: Post-graduate Diploma in Asian Art with Distinction
  • INSEAD: MBA with Distinction
  • Oxford University: MA Physics
  • Booz & Co (1985-1987)
"While the challenges which our clients face are changing fast, the basic tools of sound analysis, clear thinking and an open advisory relationship continue to prove effective."

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