Ed Plummer

Senior Leadership

Ed is based in Boston and serves both corporate clients and private equity investors in the B2B media and software sectors.

Ed has 12+ years of strategy consulting experience in the US. His key areas of focus are top-line growth levers including customer segmentation, proposition design, pricing & packaging, sales force effectiveness, and market entry strategies.

Over the course of his career, Ed has advised clients on more than 100 growth strategy, organisational effectiveness, and commercial diligence engagements. He has spent the majority of his career focused on the software and information services space. He has worked across numerous end-market verticals and functions including governance, risk & compliance (GRC), academic, intellectual property, legal, HCM, sales enablement, cybersecurity, and DevOps.

Ed holds a Master’s of Engineering in Supply Chain Management from Cornell University as well as a BE in Civil Engineering and BA in Political Science from the University of Canterbury.

Education & Prior Experience

  • Previously with Bulger Partners, Oliver Wyman, and Stroud Consulting
  • M.Eng., Cornell University
  • BE / BA, University of Canterbury
"At its heart, our value proposition for our clients is the same as for ourselves: the opportunity to work collaboratively with a team of extraordinary individuals who share intense intellectual curiosity, deep domain expertise, and a passion for cracking high-value, high-complexity problems."

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