Policy recommendations for improving tech entrepreneurship ecosystems

How to improve tech entrepreneurship ecosystems

11 Nisan 2018 Çarşamba


The digital era has brought a fundamental shift in the global economy, pushing the limits of innovation and redefining the boundaries of global trade. Nations that nurture a digital and innovation based culture have pioneered the global shift toward knowledge-based industries and have enjoyed extraordinary wealth and job creation, while transforming the way people live and do business. This shift is made possible by substantial tech entrepreneurship activity within a supportive environment that includes both government and private sector contributions. Countries that are more reliant on manufacturing or natural resources are eager to capture a bigger share of the expanding digital economy. In order to deliver on these aspirations, they are exploring ways to transform the fundamentals of their economic structures and to deploy more resources to cultivate competitive tech entrepreneurship ecosystems.

Google commissioned OC&C to conduct a study on six selected countries in the EMEA region to identify areas for improvement in policies and regulations which affect tech entrepreneurship success. These countries were Turkey, the Russian Federation, South Africa, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). We have started off by creating a framework to assess tech entrepreneurship success in a given country and then applied this framework in the deep dive analyses of these countries. Each country’s tech entrepreneurship ecosystem was profiled using extensive desktop research and interviewing over 150 stakeholders in total, representing different components of the ecosystems, spanning public and private as well as institutional and individual perspectives. As a result, policy recommendations were designed that could help strengthen tech entrepreneurship ecosystems.

This report delivers a comparative perspective on the ecosystems of these selected focus countries and also provides insights into best practices for government facilitation of tech entrepreneurship.

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