Revisit the Dragons' den

A pulse check on China's FMCG market

14 Ocak 2019 Pazartesi


Following heightened economic and geopolitical uncertainties from the trade war and corresponding RMB depreciation, concerns over the strength of domestic demand and China’s FMCG market outlook are rising as momentum in both private consumption and investment has weakened. After decades of rapid double digit growth, China’s FMCG market has reached a new era of stabilised single-digit growth coupled with consumption upgrade and retail digitalisation in recent years.

To better understand the outlook and attractiveness of China’s FMCG market in today’s uncertain world, we revisited the top 20 domestic leaders (the China 20 by sales) and assessed their performance against their global rivals, as identified in our Global 50 2018 report.

This report seeks to bring clarity to China’s FMCG market outlook with new perspectives on existing market performance and to uncover success factors to best seize market opportunities to win in this new era.

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