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The OC&C Retail Proposition Index 2019

5 Aralık 2019 Perşembe


For anyone yet to be convinced that the retail landscape is a rollercoaster ride, the 10th edition of our annual survey on how the world’s consumers rate their leading retailers marks the most volatile year of change in retailer ratings in its history.

This is most clearly illustrated in the UK, where against the backdrop of prolonged economic uncertainty and low consumer confidence, we have seen a major shift in what influences where people want to shop. This year’s study looks at four important trends, and the best practice retailers are doing to deliver winning ratings.

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Winning hearts and minds

The retail industry is not for the faint-hearted. Retailers continue to feel the heat from pressure on consumer spending and rising operating costs. There are new and disruptive competitive models. The cost of staying ahead (or even just ‘in the game’) is growing, and in light of bleak economic prospects many retailers are weighing out alternative investments to gain customer preference.

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