The OC&C Fundex 2019: How was it for you?

Consumers’ views on the biggest hospitality and leisure brands in the US

Friday, March 22, 2019


Hospitality & Leisure is a fantastically diverse sector, but one thing unites every single leisure brand out there – the importance of creating a great guest experience. Easier said than done.

Welcome to the OC&C Fundex, a major study of 650 of the world’s biggest hospitality and leisure brands. In it we explore which leisure brands are winning (or losing) in the eyes of their guests, and unpick how winning brands are creating great experiences. We also explore in detail the role that ‘fun’ can play, and how to create the ‘fun factor’.

By looking at brands across the wide leisure ecosystem – restaurants and pubs, cafés and coffee shops, fast food and food to go, accommodation, cruises, resorts and holiday parks, theme parks, gyms and health clubs, and cinemas – we have delivered the deepest insights to date on how to develop better and more repeatable experiences that drive real commercial benefits.

We also look at how we can all have more fun in our everyday lives, and which countries are having more of it. Just for fun.

The OC&C Fundex is based on a comprehensive survey of 40,000 visitors to the world’s biggest hospitality and leisure brands across 8 markets - USA, UK, China, France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Turkey.

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