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  • How can technology be used to improve how we manage buildings and infrastructure more efficiently?
  • What will the future of housing look like?
  • How will global governments meet their Net Zero targets?
  • How can recycling businesses more from managing waste to manufacturing useful material?

The infrastructure and construction industries will be critical to meeting the changing demands of an evolving world, especially in driving towards a Net Zero world.

Whether it is changing the construction materials that we use, design and construction of innovative carbon capture or materials recycling technologies or an overhaul of the way we operate and maintain critical buildings and infrastructure by using IOT and other technologies there are endless opportunities, and challenges for organisations that operate and serve the ‘Built Environment’.

At OC&C we support corporate clients and investment professionals to understand the impact of global trends around decarbonisation, infrastructure upgrade, and shifting populations on their end markets and business models.

Given our years of experience in these end markets we’ve developed a view of what makes for lasting change vs a short-term fad, and have a clear point of view what makes a winner.

In recycling, we work across all stages of the waste value chain, from collection to sorting and processing, and have helped clients identify ways to build long-term differentiation in multiple ways, either capitalising on route density, or implementing innovative processes to improve yield, or developing deep customer relationships.  A genuinely circular economy is developing out of what used to be a one-way progression to landfill or incineration.

We support our clients in a wide range of strategic topics including growth strategy; customer segmentation; pricing; digitisation; business model redesign; as well as transaction support and business planning.

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