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  • What does decarbonisation mean for the marine industry?
  • How can I convince customers to make seemingly obvious improvements to the way they run things?
  • What is the difference between a US, European and Chinese ship owner-operator and why does that matter for me?

The marine industry is undergoing unprecedented shifts, some old news but surprisingly slow (digitalisation), some new news but surprisingly hard (becoming green). Businesses need to be proactive to these changes, but it’s not clear what customers want.

OC&C has unrivalled expertise across the marine value chain, developing strategy and commercial effectiveness across ports, shipbuilders, equipment providers, ship owners, operators and charters, physical service providers, data and software providers. We understand the unique way in which the market operates and the complexities of how customers think.

We support our clients in a wide range of strategic topics including growth strategy; sustainability; customer segmentation; pricing; digitalisation; business model redesign as well as transaction support and business planning.

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    Transaction support

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