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quarta-feira 22nd maio 2024

Training Transformed – The Skills Gap, AI, and the New Corporate Classroom

The landscape of the Learning and Development (L&D) industry is currently undergoing significant transformation. This change is propelled by a combination of robust market...
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terça-feira 14th maio 2024

Embedded Finance – Opportunities for ERP and payroll SaaS providers

Embedded finance presents a significant opportunity for SaaS ERP and payroll providers. Our research indicates that businesses who invest in embedded finance solutions can...
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quarta-feira 20th março 2024

Cybersecurity’s next winners – Specialist Service Partners and MSPs/VARS

Cyber security is notoriously high-growth and acyclical so it rightly attracts significant attention from investors. However, the space is increasingly complex and rapidly changing....
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terça-feira 30th janeiro 2024

Facing the Fashion Future

Our Brazilian and British offices have joined forces to understand the pace of the fashion industry's transformation across Latam, the US, and Europe. 
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segunda-feira 22nd janeiro 2024

Private Equity & Transactions 2023

For sector insights and a snapshot of our 2023 Private Equity and Transactions activity see our latest report.
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sexta-feira 15th dezembro 2023

The next wave of digital marketplaces

In our second marketplaces annual report, we’ve conducted a major study of the world's top 250 digital marketplaces by gross merchandise value (GMV) to...
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quinta-feira 2nd novembro 2023

The OC&C Global 50 2023

2022 was a year of rampant inflation – but the largest consumer goods businesses were able to drive record revenue growth by successfully passing...
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quinta-feira 16th março 2023

From rags to riches

Fifteen years ago, when we heard the word ‘second-hand’, car boot sales and charity shops sprung to mind. Today, it’s come to mean something very...
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quinta-feira 20th junho 2024

Calmer Waters Ahead?

As we emerge from our post-Covid era, travel has walked a turbulent recovery path. Multiple barriers such as high-cost inflation, labour shortages and global...
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quinta-feira 6th junho 2024

From Clicks To Connection

Marketing and advertising is undergoing significant change, as audience attention shifts, buyer attitudes evolve and tech firms and tech advances open up new possibilities.
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sexta-feira 22nd março 2024

The Future of Personalised Pricing

As an approach to price management, personalised pricing accounts for the fact that each customer has a unique set of needs and behaviours, with...
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terça-feira 6th fevereiro 2024

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terça-feira 26th setembro 2023

Mind the Gap

How L&D vendors must evolve to win in the new learning ecosystem
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quinta-feira 3rd agosto 2023

Generative AI in Consumer Media & Internet

We all know that Gen. AI is the most disruptive innovation since the birth of the internet – the question is, what does that...
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domingo 23rd julho 2023

Riding the AI wave in Travel and Accommodation

Last week, our Travel and Accommodation team hosted a breakfast discussion with industry leaders, exploring how AI is impacting the sector and how brands...
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quarta-feira 19th julho 2023

Winning through the squeeze

The last 12-18 months have seen global levels of inflation that we haven’t experienced for 40 years, which has required rapid and drastic actions...
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