Mittwoch 22nd Mai 2024

Training Transformed – The Skills Gap, AI, and the New Corporate Classroom

The landscape of the Learning and Development (L&D) industry is currently undergoing significant transformation. This change is propelled by a combination of robust market...
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Dienstag 14th Mai 2024

Embedded Finance – Opportunities for ERP and payroll SaaS providers

Embedded finance presents a significant opportunity for SaaS ERP and payroll providers. Our research indicates that businesses who invest in embedded finance solutions can...
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Freitag 22nd März 2024

Long Distance Travel Market

A comprehensive market study covering the global long-distance travel market, with a specific focus on long-distance coach and train.
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Mittwoch 20th März 2024

Cybersecurity’s next winners – Specialist Service Partners and MSPs/VARS

Cyber security is notoriously high-growth and acyclical so it rightly attracts significant attention from investors. However, the space is increasingly complex and rapidly changing....
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Mittwoch 28th Februar 2024

European Beauty Market

An OC&C market study on the European premium beauty market dynamics, consumer needs and competitive dynamics.
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Dienstag 30th Januar 2024

Facing the Fashion Future

Our Brazilian and British offices have joined forces to understand the pace of the fashion industry's transformation across Latam, the US, and Europe. 
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Montag 22nd Januar 2024

Private Equity & Transactions 2023

For sector insights and a snapshot of our 2023 Private Equity and Transactions activity see our latest report.
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Freitag 15th Dezember 2023

The next wave of digital marketplaces

In our second marketplaces annual report, we’ve conducted a major study of the world's top 250 digital marketplaces by gross merchandise value (GMV) to...
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Donnerstag 2nd November 2023

The OC&C Global 50 2023

2022 was a year of rampant inflation – but the largest consumer goods businesses were able to drive record revenue growth by successfully passing...
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Montag 20th März 2023

Vom Tellerwäscher zum Millionär: Der Aufstieg des Second-Hand-Marktes

Wenn man vor fünfzehn Jahren das Wort "Secondhand" hörte, dachte man an Flohmärkte und Wohltätigkeitsläden. Heute hat es eine ganz andere Bedeutung. Der Markt für...
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Freitag 24th Februar 2023

Weniger ist mehr

Überproduktion ist ein lang anhaltendes, tief verwurzeltes Problem für viele Marken und Einzelhändler. 15-45 Milliarden Kleidungsstücke, die jedes Jahr produziert werden, werden verschwendet und landen...
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Donnerstag 16th Februar 2023

Private Equity & Transactions 2022

A summary of 2022 Private Equity & Transactions activity by sector.
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Donnerstag 19th Januar 2023

Opportunities & New Frontiers in Pet

In our latest consumer insight, we partner with global investment bank and M&A specialist Harris Williams to dig deep into the pet market.
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Montag 19th Dezember 2022

Succeeding in a squeeze

With inflation at its highest rate in over 40 years, and consumers reassessing their spending, businesses will have to work harder – and smarter...
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Mittwoch 7th Dezember 2022

Preis-Leistung ist Trumpf

In unserer 12. Auflage des OC&C Einzelhandel-Index zeigen wir, wie sich das Verbraucherverhalten und damit auch die Handelsbranche verändert haben – in einer Zeit,...
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Donnerstag 10th November 2022

Hitting the brakes

Our 3rd annual Speedometer report follows up our research in 2019 and 2021. We have drawn on a survey of over 9000 consumers across...
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