Your career progression and development

We recruit people at all stages of their careers and from the beginning your ideas are welcomed and used by the project teams.

We have great confidence in the quality of our people and the work they produce. We also make sure we do everything we can to ensure they all get the most out of their work.

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Investing in you

At OC&C, it is critical to the business that we offer a comprehensive Learning and Development programme to continually upskill employees and enable everyone to maximise their performance.

Your training

We offer extensive training to new joiners and current staff to help develop them to achieve their full potential. Watch the video to find out more about how every year, OC&C consultants from across the globe get together to meet and learn with their international colleagues.

Your development

Everyone at OC&C receives ongoing feedback and guidance provided by dedicated buddies, mentors and talent coaches. Watch the video to find out how we aim to grow your future.

Career paths at OC&C

We are ever changing and always inspiring! Click on a job role to find out more about each step on the OC&C ladder.

“We are a people business and that’s what we sell to our clients – our expertise, knowledge and our ability to solve complex problems. People are at the heart of everything we do which is why we strive to recruit the best, most curious minds.”

Danielle Lestrade

Danielle Lestrade

Global Director of People

Graduate Summer intern

Join OC&C for an 8 week summer internship and you will be given a real insight into the world of strategy consulting.

Following a week of learning about the consulting toolkit, you will be assigned to a live project. This will give you the opportunity to work alongside our consultants to support the delivery of strategic advice to clients. The project could be within any of our sectors and you will gain insight across a range of strategic questions and problems.

Over the 8 weeks you will work on two or more projects, giving you occasions to meet more of our consultants and try your hand at a broader range of tasks. Whether conducting field research or analysing data, you will be able to add your own insights and value to the team. There will also be opportunities to socialise and network outside of your project team both with the other interns and the broader company.



Join OC&C as a graduate and we’ll make you an Associate Consultant and assign you to a project team right away. It will be small – way smaller than the industry average – so you’ll make an impact from day one. You could be working in any sector facing any kind of challenge: providing guidance on growth, advising on a merger or acquisition, developing corporate strategy or planning major organisational change. You’ll be working directly with colleagues and clients at all levels: brainstorming, discussing analyses, making recommendations and building relationships.

Projects tend to be short in length, so you’ll rapidly gain experience across a wide range of challenges and sectors. At OC&C, insight and creativity trump tenure – meritocracy isn’t just a word; it’s how we make our living.



As part of the Analytics team, you can expect to work both with other technical experts as well as with the strategy team. You will need to be interested in solving strategic problems for our clients, which means pragmatic solutions on strategy consulting timescales. You will rapidly develop your commercial skills and become an expert in the deploying advanced analytics in a pragmatic way that is sensitive to the data challenges faced by most businesses today.


MBA Summer Intern

Join OC&C as an MBA student for an 8-week summer internship and we’ll give you the same responsibilities as a Consultant, allowing you to work as a full member on a project team where you will gain exposure to senior management and strategic issues.

You could be working in any sector unpicking the most complex and interesting questions facing businesses today.

Over the 8 weeks you will work on at least two projects, giving you opportunity to gain exposure to different industries and try your hand at a broader range of tasks. There will also be opportunities to socialise and network outside of your project team both with the other interns and the broader company as a whole.

MBA Consultant

As an MBA Consultant you will bring incisive thinking and analytical skills to a range of strategic projects. Working as a member of a project team, you will help to crack some of the most important problems facing our clients, and you will have exposure to their senior management teams.

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Our Consultants either begin as an Associate Consultant who has successfully progressed to the next level, an MBA graduate or an experienced hire with several years’ experience in either strategy consulting or another industry. Consultants will be able to take a level of responsibility for as well as contribute to important aspects of projects. Within the OC&C team, you will be supporting the Manager whilst also being a coach for more junior colleagues. As a consultant, you support and guide the team towards workable solutions, and you will need to be able to recognise and address their concerns whilst building relationships.

Application tips for our Experienced Hire roles 


If you perform well as a Consultant, or join as an experienced hire with the appropriate background and skillset, you will be given the role of Manager. At this stage you will become closely aligned to a sector of preference. You will be at the very core of the firm, taking the lead on projects and responsibility for the teams that deliver them.

As a day-to-day client-leader, it’s important to develop strong, professional client relations. It is crucial that clients regard you as their trusted adviser and a thought leader in their sector. At the same time, OC&C Partners will be putting their trust in you as a project delivery expert, and will seek your full support in pursuing their commercial goals. Your team members, meanwhile, will view you as their prime source of professional and personal guidance.

Application tips for our Experienced Hire roles 

Associate Partner

Managers and external hires with sufficient experience will then enter the Associate Partner level, the next step to Partner. Every Associate Partner is a top consultant, albeit one whose skills will continue to develop.

During your tenure, your fields of expertise will become more specialised and clearly defined as you hone your personal profile and core skills. You will work directly with clients at the most senior levels, building close professional relationships, addressing their concerns in the broadest sense, capitalising on commercial opportunities.

You will also be expected to push content-leadership and play your part in growing our international profile: helping build the firm’s base of intellectual property by contributing to high quality internal and external publications. With partnership in prospect, Associate Partners are systematically coached, mentored and trained in specific areas identified as key to their strengths and capabilities. The only way is up: we are firmly committed to helping you find your path.

Application tips for our Experienced Hire roles 


Associate Partners stand for election to Partner and become one of the 80 or so women and men who own and govern the firm.

A Partner is first and foremost a confidant and adviser to our clients. You will develop and maintain relationships built on respect and trust with leaders across the full spectrum of the world’s industries and institutions.

As an OC&C Partner, you will by definition be an accomplished, all-round consultant and manager, constantly deploying and developing your expertise through intense dialogue with clients and by being closely involved with your teams’ development of solutions. As a co-owner of our firm, you’ll also be responsible for contributing fully to its ongoing development and growth; whether in terms of intellectual capital, client networks, people, or capabilities.

We regard partnership as just one more stage in an ongoing process of development that will see you continue to improve your skills – as an adviser, coach and entrepreneur.

Application tips for our Experienced Hire roles 

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