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From day one of your tenure with OC&C, you will be helping to tackle the most exciting strategic problems in consulting today. You will be working on projects with senior executives across a range of clients, business leaders from leading companies with a firm grasp of the importance of excellent strategy.

Working at OC&C will challenge you from the start, giving you the opportunity to contribute to the analysis, thought process and creation of high-level strategic advice across a range of business sectors. We work in small teams so from the outset your work will be at the heart of the recommendations we give our clients.

From day one we will give you all the encouragement and support you need to develop and maximise your potential.

Take a look at our UK brochure to find out more about a career in our London office.

Take a look at our Global brochure to find out more about a career in our integrated network.

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Why work at OC&C

At OC&C, we believe in solving problems using fresh, crisp analysis to offer our clients bespoke strategies, not off-the-shelf answers. We treat each problem as unique – there is no generic framework, no rulebook.

We also prioritise our people: we invest in making sure that everyone gets the training and support needed for them to succeed within a diverse environment, which is collaborative and fun.

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Meet our people

Our people are at the heart of everything we do – our success is built on the brightest and best talent, a group of intellectually curious employees from a diverse range of backgrounds.

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Your career progression and development

When we’re looking for new people to join our team, we know that high performers will have already achieved academic excellence, but we look for more than that. We look for people who are curious, creative and enjoy working alongside a team. If that’s you then find out more about the different experience levels we have at OC&C, to find a role that suits you.

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Your application

We have put together some hints and tips on applications and interviews for both our graduate positions and experienced hires.

No tricks, no secrets, nothing up our sleeves - we want you to succeed.

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Our events

We run a variety of events so that you can meet our consultants and get a personal feeling for what OC&C is all about. Find us on your campus or apply to visit our office for a consulting training day. Additionally we offer a training week to give you a real taste for consulting and life at OC&C.

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Our vacancies

Working at OC&C is an opportunity for you to learn from the best consultants in the industry and test yourself in a variety of sectors and roles. We think consultants learn best when they are on the job.

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