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mercredi 22nd mai 2024

Training Transformed – The Skills Gap, AI, and the New Corporate Classroom

The landscape of the Learning and Development (L&D) industry is currently undergoing significant transformation. This change is propelled by a combination of robust market...
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mardi 14th mai 2024

Embedded Finance – Opportunities for ERP and payroll SaaS providers

Embedded finance presents a significant opportunity for SaaS ERP and payroll providers. Our research indicates that businesses who invest in embedded finance solutions can...
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mercredi 20th mars 2024

Cybersecurity’s next winners – Specialist Service Partners and MSPs/VARS

Cyber security is notoriously high-growth and acyclical so it rightly attracts significant attention from investors. However, the space is increasingly complex and rapidly changing....
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mardi 30th janvier 2024

Facing the Fashion Future

Our Brazilian and British offices have joined forces to understand the pace of the fashion industry's transformation across Latam, the US, and Europe. 
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