OC&C Women's Network

At OC&C, we have a number of initiatives to support women throughout their careers. This starts with our Women’s Network which connects women across grades and tenures, both within and across offices. We also run a mentoring program which gives each individual a senior point of contact to provide them with support and guidance from day one. This runs alongside our more informal buddy system, which comes in handy when you just need a friendly ear!

In addition to this, our monthly Women's Lunches provide an important forum to hear inspirational speakers, debate pressing topics, and network. We also encourage women from all our offices to attend a women-tailored training session at our annual International Training Week.

“OC&C is the perfect size to give you the breadth of experience whilst remaining a collaborative space where every person is appreciated for their individuality” Laura, Consultant

Laura, Consultant

“OC&C offers you an exceptional support network when you join the firm. The mentorship program means you always have a senior person to talk things through, from personal development and career planning to how to manage day to day issues, and everyone is encouraged to reach out to their peers on a regular basis to help with answers to questions or how to approach a challenging problem on a project. Teams form great bonds over the course of the project and it allows you to build a great personal network as you progress through the firm and beyond.”

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