Event Date Location
OC&C women’s insight morning 10/27/2021 Virtual
How to ace the case - Virtual case study workshop 10/27/2021 Virtual
Cambridge University - OC&C drop-in lunch session 10/28/2021 Novi, 12 Regent Street, Cambridge
Cambridge University - OC&C & CAMWIB women’s cream tea 10/28/2021 Fitzbillies, 51-52 Trumpington Street, Cambridge
London Stratathon 10/28/2021 Virtual
Oxford University - Womxn’s brunch 10/29/2021 Quod Restaurant & Bar, 92-94 High St, Oxford
Oxford University - Coffee and cake chats 10/29/2021 Quod Restaurant & Bar, 92-94 High St, Oxford
OC&C Stratathon 11/2/2021 Virtual
ESSEC - Crack the case with OC&C 11/3/2021 ESSEC Business School Cergy
CentraleSupelec - Forum CentraleSupelec 11/16/2021 CentraleSupélec, 3 Rue Joliot Curie, 91190 Gif-sur-Yvette, France

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