About Us

OC&C | Proudly a certified B Corp™

Embracing a new standard for the consulting landscape
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We are thrilled to announce that OC&C is a Certified B Corporation™, meeting high standards of social and environmental impact. As a B Corp, we’ve joined a movement of businesses that balance profit and purpose, demonstrating a commitment to sustainable practices, ethical governance, and positive contributions to the communities we serve.

We’re building a firm for the long term, one that we and our next generation of employees and clients can be proud of. With hundreds of talented employees in our integrated global team spanning 12 offices and serving a diverse array of clients, OC&C sees B Corp certification as not only an opportunity but a responsibility for our firm to be a force for good™.

Our Motivation

As strategy consultants, we’re agile thinkers, intellectually curious, and never afraid to tell our clients what they need to hear. We deliver the brave answers that set us – and our clients – apart.

With this approach, it would be remiss not to practise what we preach. So when it came to advancing our own ESG agenda, we put our business under the microscope and chose the B Impact Assessment as our scorecard. This comprehensive, 360° framework was ideal for evaluating our impact across a full suite of ESG dimensions. We pinpointed where we meet or exceed standard, and where we have room for improvement.

Our performance was strong enough to become a Certified B Corp – a landmark moment that represents not the end of our journey, but an exciting new beginning.

Our Outlook

While environmentally and socially responsible practices have long been integral to OC&C, B Corp standards have refined our roadmap and fuelled our progress. Ongoing initiatives include continuously expanding training for and engagement with employees, further advancing diversity in recruitment, increasing our Pro Bono work to 1.5% of global revenue, working with all our landlords to ensure we’re both energy efficient and using the greenest available energy sources, and improving our measurements of our carbon emissions while setting science-based targets – alongside actionable initiatives – for their reduction. This is not a task for a few to drive administrative change – it’s a task for the whole firm to embrace in our ways of working and our culture.

As a B Corp, we’ve committed to repeating our assessment and recertifying every 3 years and publishing the results to hold ourselves accountable and share this progress with our stakeholders.

The road ahead is long and the world faces many challenges – but we believe that with movements like B Corp and the energy we can harness working together, the future is also bright. We’re proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with over 7,000 other B Corporations on a collective journey toward a better future. We aspire to learn from those within the community and, in true OC&C style, continue to interrogate and change the status quo.