Carve your new strategic landscape
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Shifting demographics, evolving consumer behaviour and advancements in technology have fuelled several new and emerging travel trends in recent years.

Identifying these trends is the first step towards thriving in this competitive environment. Taking advantage of them is the second. That’s where we come in.

Our strategic projects have seen us work closely with tour operators, travel agents, public and private transport businesses, and other sub-sectors.

We collaborate closely with our Technology practice, combining our experience of the broader consumer landscape with sharp insight in what makes for a successful, digitally led business.

How we can help

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    Pricing – assisting clients to maximise value from their inventory through yield management, dynamic pricing, cognitive pricing.

  • 02

    Loyalty – revolutionising approaches to driving customer loyalty.

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    CRM, segmentation – deepening client’s understanding of their customers through actionable, data-led segmentation.

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    Channel strategy – providing data-driven principles to optimise direct and third party channels to maximise overall value.

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    Performance improvement – helping Management teams to prioritise actionable commercial value drivers and customer experience improvements.

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