Heading for a fall?

czwartek, 4 października 2018


The anticipatory impacts of Brexit are already writ large across the UK's food and drink producers. Our latest review of the UK's Top 150 producers shows that whilst inflation-driven growth has returned, that same inflation has squeezed margins and sent ROCE to 30 year lows. 

At a time when there is more uncertainty than ever about the year ahead it would be easy to be despondent. However strong producers are showing they can thrive in these uncertain times. Are you well set to be one of the winners?

Is your product portfolio really addressing the underlying consumer needs as well as it can?

Do you understand how to unlock value from your end to end value chain?

Are you clear where your competitive advantages, opportunities and risks are to be able to move decisively when disruption occurs?

Are you investing to support product innovation and labour productivity?

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wtorek, 30 października 2018

On the edge

With inflation in raw materials and rising labour costs squeezing margins, the anticipatory impact of Brexit is already being felt large across the UK food and drink industry as shown in our 2018 OC&C Food and Drink Top 150 report

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