ICT Services: Financial impacts on a “critical enabler” in a Covid-19 world

Outlook and implications of Covid-19 on the ICT Services market

wtorek, 12 maja 2020


ICT Services: Financial impacts on a “critical enabler” in a Covid-19 world is a strategic and financial analysis on the potential impact of Covid-19 on B2B-focused ICT businesses.

This thought piece focuses on defining some service line spend, and business model profitability implications of Covid-19 across the ICT market. Structured across 3 phases of the Crisis - Lockdown, Lifting Restrictions and the New Normal – it relays real-life initiatives and early experience of ICT Management teams from interviews across 20 European players.

We outline action-based recommendations for Management teams and investors to help best respond to, and exploit opportunities to emerge stronger from the crisis.

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