Partnering to win in retail's digital age

How to stay ahead

Mittwoch, 28. Februar 2018


For the last three years we have been living in the era of M-commerce: smartphones now represent over 50% of all online retail transactions and retail search queries across the UK, France and Germany. However, as quickly as M-commerce has arrived, consumers are already moving on. Voice, social, AI are all trends that are already redefining the retail landscape yet again. 

OC&C and Google interviewed dozens of retail leaders from across Europe and surveyed over 6,000+ consumers to discover how this latest wave of change will play out and how retailers can ensure they stay on the right side of the changes taking place. Our research demonstrates that winning retailers are already thinking differently in four key ways: 

  • Think customer, not channel
  • Reinforce your distinctiveness
  • Organise around speed and accountability
  • Partner to win

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