OC&C support YEF on deployment of policing methods to combat youth violence

Monday 08 January 2024 | News

We’re delighted to have been working alongside our key account partner Youth Endowment Fund (YEF) on our latest pro bono project.

The project focused on two policing methods proven to be highly effective at reducing violence against young people. We were tasked at understanding why they aren’t more commonly deployed in the UK and how the YEF could further facilitate adoption.

Gail Gibbons, Head of Change – Children’s Services & Health, reflected on the projects impact, stating:

“OC&C led on a focused deterrence project for us, where we wanted to understand how much Violence Reduction Units and police forces understand the focused deterrence delivery model, and whether they would consider funding and delivering a focused deterrence project in the future. The team carried out detailed structured interviews and presented their findings in a way which was highly engaging and accessible.

The results exceeded our expectations and have been essential in identifying our audience, and in helping us develop implementation guidance for areas interested in setting up or sustaining this approach. We’ve been delighted with this piece of work”.

Find out more about our pro bono work consulting.

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