OC&C advises Hyle Capital with FMCG investment

Monday 19 February 2024 | News

We’re pleased to congratulate Hyle Capital on their majority stake investment in Italian gnocchi producer, Ciemme Alimentari. We provided commercial due diligence support to Hyle Capital.

Ciemme Alimentari was founded in the early 2000’s and mastered traditional potato gnocchi production. Ciemme was the first and is now the only manufacturer specialising in different types of gnocchi. Ciemme uses organic ingredients, and their products are gluten-free. Their gnocchi products can be bought by customers fresh or frozen across Italian supermarkets.

Hyle Capital is an independent and institutional asset management company that operates within the Italian market, with an experienced team of entrepreneurs and management teams in industrial growth.

OC&C and private equity

OC&C is a leading strategy consultancy in the FMCG sector, working with major global corporations and local champions. We have commercially advised on more than 500 successful transactions over the last 5 years, encompassing sell-side and buy-side roles.

  • We provide commercial due diligence and vendor due diligence for transactions and refinancing.
  • We assist investors with accelerating or improving their portfolio companies' performance.
  • We help investors identify potential investment themes or assets to target.

For more details on our experience in this space, please contact:

Alberto Regazzo

Marco Occhetta

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