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Making the Right Investments in European Apparel

Tuesday 12 July 2022


The Apparel industry has been subject to major market forces: the pandemic accelerated online penetration by 5-10 years, new marketplace and resale models have intensified competition, Instagram, Tik Tok and now the metaverse have proliferated channels to market, and consumers and regulators are continually raising the sustainable fashion bar. Just as the impact of Covid starts to rebase, the market is braced to tackle consumer squeeze and likely polarisation away from the, already challenged, mid-market.

Against this complex market backdrop, our latest report seeks to identify growth tailwinds and investment opportunities across the European Apparel landscape. Historically an undervalued consumer category, there are great returns to be made on investments anchored in sustainability and circularity, multi-brand platforms and resale, and polarisation of spend towards the luxury and value segments.

If you would like to discuss any of the findings covered in the report or are looking for more information, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

OC&C Contacts:

Olivia May, Associate Partner

Tom Gladstone, Partner 

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OC&C Contacts:

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