Big pie bigger bite

Seizing growth on the rebound (FMCG India Index 2009)

jeudi 3 février 2011


A bigger bite is what every FMCG company should attempt to get of the growing pie of demand this year.  But not all firms will achieve that. Only those which managed to ride out the stormy FY09 met the slow down with the right responses, and have a consistent game plan going ahead will take advantage of the expected surge in demand. 

To decide the way ahead, it is necessary to learn from the last year, examine strategies of the winners, tactical responses to the slowdown and enumerate steps necessary to succeed. Let’s start with a quick look in the rear view mirror. FY09 saw a great start with the industry demonstrating dramatic growth in H1, only for the charge to be halted by the forces of the slowdown towards the latter half of the year. 

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