Produits et services BtoB

Nous apportons un éclairage limpide sur les modèles économiques gagnants dans le secteur complexe des produits et services interentreprises.

Nos compétences se concentrent autour de domaines dans lesquelles les formules gagnantes éprouvées sont applicables :

  • Le cadre bâti : réalisation de bénéfices là où d’autres échouent, dans les secteurs superficiellement matures, à faibles marges.
  • Services (interentreprises) orientés client : écosystèmes traditionnels soumis à une concentration rapide et à une évolution de la chaîne de valeur.
  • Externalisation : restructuration de la chaîne de valeur pour gagner en efficacité.
  • Science et conformité : transformation de l’innovation et du risque en activités fortement lucratives.

Dans ces différents domaines, nous faisons se rencontrer le point de vue du client final, l’excellence opérationnelle et la connaissance approfondie de six sous-secteurs dont nous possédons une expérience inégalée.

Nous apportons un éclairage limpide sur les modèles économiques gagnants dans le secteur complexe des produits et services BtoB

Nos analyses

The next generation of FM – will tech cannibalise or enhance business models?

The facilities management (FM) industry has long been reliant on the unending demand for labour. It was good for everyone. The slow and steady growth seemed guaranteed, and there was a well-known operating model for how to win. But the good times are over

Stop or go

The world of automotive is changing, and fast. The advent of subscription models, mobility, car sharing, electrification and autonomous are all potential disruptions viewed as an opportunity by some and a worry or threat by others

Testing Times - TIC 101 Index 2017

In our last review of the TIC sector (which we called TIC-TOCK), we identified several emerging trends, such as the superiority of focus over pure scale and the changing basis of competition, with implications for both organic growth and M&A priorities

Reaction time

The Global FM market has entered a period of significant change. Savvier, more aggressive buyers are fuelling a healthy M&A landscape

A pain in the neck

During the Autumn Statement, the Government announced its intention to clamp down on whiplash claims. Two wide-reaching reforms were proposed


Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) services has been a highly attractive market on the agenda of major investors across the globe. However, growth rates have declined significantly since 2012, with average growth of 11-16%pa dropping down to just 6% in 2014

Sink or swim

Too many of the world's leading B2B Services firms are at risk of revenue and margin decline - and only a few are acting with sufficient aggression to pursue their next wave of profitable growth

The sharing economy

Airbnb, BlaBlaCar, LeBonCoin...Toutes ces marques sont devenues en quelques années de véritables « phénomènes ». Mais à quoi ressemble le portrait-robot du consommateur collaboratif?

Global warning

The B2B Services sector is diverse but contains some of the world’s most successful businesses. Leading players are capitalising on waves of outsourcing

Second globalization

In the course of 2012, Wendel has asked OC&C Strategy Consultants to assess the effects of the globalization of economies on both management practices and governance models of major multinational corporations

Moving into the fast lane

The B2B Services sector is a huge and profitable market, but poorly understood, and typically given much less attention than more mature consumer-facing industries. As a result, grasping the realities of how this sector functions can be a source of tremendous value

Pricing for profit

Companies tend to set their prices too low in the business-to-business market. Regardless of pricing policy, some customers end up paying a price that is not justified by the amount they buy or the costs that they incur

Doper le portefeuille client

Analyser la contribution à la rentabilité client par client constitue la plupart du temps une source d’amélioration importante du résultat d’exploitation

Higher and higher

As Western economies are showing hesitant growth paths and uncertainty is freezing investment plans, growth options are dwindling for multinational companies (MNCs) and many heads are turning to China

The fog is lifting

For decades, customer service has been poorly understood – an afterthought to the proposition, a cost to be managed, or worse a series of independent and uncosted decisions which add up to an unplanned customer service experience

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