Mostyn Goodwin

Senior Leadership

Mostyn leads our Media practice, across Business and Consumer Media, coordinating the practice globally.

He principally works with traditional and digital consumer media players in the UK and internationally, together with early and latter stage investors looking into acquisitions within media, entertainment & consumer internet.

Most of his work has been with media and entertainment players focused on growing their top lines though diversification, M&A, international expansion and business model evolution, skills he also applies for clients in other industries looking for new sources of growth. Alongside his work with 'traditional' media companies, Mostyn also works with consumer internet pure-plays focused on across all areas the consumer internet including classifieds, price comparison/ lead generation, travel, gaming. He also regularly works with technology & software partners on the platforms and data businesses that underpin these industries.

Mostyn has focused on media and TMT for his 20+-year career, including spending time in industry running Business Development for the Guardian Media Group.

Education & Prior Experience

Mostyn began his career in the Strategy, Finance and Economics practice of Arthur Andersen, where he qualified as a Chartered Accountant. With Andersen (and subsequently Deloitte) he worked on strategy projects for telecoms clients across Europe. He left Deloitte and worked for a Boston-based mobile telecom strategy boutique for a year before joining OC&C in 2003, where he focused on the media side of TMT. He spent 1 year seconded from OC&C to run business development for the Guardian Media Group.

Mostyn has a MA in Economics and Management from Cambridge University and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (FCA).

"Strategy is about science, but also art, creativity and growth; this is especially true in the fast paced world of media and online where boundaries are continually blurring. Staying ahead is essential"

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