Toby Chapman

Senior Leadership

Toby works across OC&C’s London and New York offices serving media & technology businesses and investors in this space.

Toby Chapman is an experienced strategy consultant with 80+ engagements in strategy and transaction support for corporate and private equity clients across technology and media industries.

Working between OC&C’s London and New York offices, his clients include TV broadcasters, studios / production assets, rights owners, online classifieds, price comparison sites, travel portals, news & magazine businesses, and data and market intelligence-driven businesses.

His client engagements have included industry leaders such as the BBC, Discovery Networks, NBC Comcast, Vice Media,, Rightmove, Experian and Thomson Reuters.

Prior to joining OC&C he worked in-house at the BBC, and founded and ran an import / export business.

He is a graduate of Oxford University.

Education & Prior Experience

  • Strategy Manager, BBC
  • Founder and MD, Starbright
  • English Literature, Oxford University
"Helping clients think through their most interesting and challenging decisions is a privilege. Nothing stands still in our industry, and the variety of questions and opportunities is endless."

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