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Winning brands pioneer and pivot at pace
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The pace of technology and consumer shopping behaviour is accelerating, with businesses having to contend with wave after wave of innovation and change.

Winners and losers are emerging at a faster pace than ever before. Companies are required to respond boldly to the opportunities and challenges that new technologies create, while maintaining sight of their core customer, mission, and strategy.

We work with platforms, brands, and retailers, to harness opportunities across their physical and digital channels, developing winning strategies, and ensure operating models deliver on all fronts.

We also support marketplaces themselves in innovating to remain relevant and to maximise the value they create, as well as working with investors on some of the highest profile transactions in the space.

How we can help

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    Channel optimisation strategy, with a particular focus on the rapidly changing role of marketplaces and social commerce

  • 02

    Customer journey mapping and proposition development to meet evolving customer needs

  • 03

    Marketplace model evaluation

  • 04

    Optimising last-mile logistics and customer service

  • 05

    Developing strategies to take advantage of the emergence of voice commerce

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