James McGibney

Senior Leadership

James focuses on enterprise software and technology globally.

James has deep & broad expertise in vertical and horizontal software, and related technologies/services.

Functionally, he specialises in growth strategy and value creation planning, and buy-side and sell-side commercial due diligence for investors.

He has worked extensively for traditional software vendors seeking to drive growth and transition to cloud technologies/commercial models, and for fast-moving SaaS platforms on their strategic direction.

Istruzione e esperienza precedente

  • Oxford University – Modern History (MA – class I)
  • London School of Economics – MPA Public Policy & Management
  • Researcher, Fundación Escalera, Mexico
"We are passionate about helping our clients focus and simplify – to find what really matters."

Pubblicazioni correlate

mercoledì 28 ottobre 2020

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The most critical trend we observe today in software companies is a growing tendency for SaaS ‘power brands’ to keep on winning. Here's the secret to their success...

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