Friend or foe

Platform for success: How online video platforms can deliver benefits for TV producers and broadcasters at home and abroad

mercoledì 1 luglio 2015


Questions addressed in this report:

  • How large an opportunity or threat are 3rd party open video platforms
  • How can producers and broadcasters benefit from the 3rd party open video opportunity
  • What might the outlook be for 3rd party open video platforms

In Autumn 2014, OC&C conducted research focused on the use of 3rd party open video platforms by 'professional' TV players (e.g. broadcasters and content producers). We relied upon a range of external and publicly available sources for our analyses, alongside non-proprietary YouTube data on 19 'entertainment' genres where professional players' content is most commonly present to supplement our findings. To give depth to our research, we conducted two dozen interviews with broadcasters and production companies.

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