Building loyalty through paid memberships & subscriptions

Opportunities for operators

lunedì 6 novembre 2023


An increasing number of travel, leisure, and hospitality businesses are launching paid membership and subscription programmes.

Many are finding that giving customers exclusive benefits, rewards, or product access in exchange for a one-off, monthly, or annual fee can be an effective strategy to drive new revenue streams, build customer loyalty, and increase lifetime value.

In this context, throughout our latest insight we delve into the current offerings in the market, examine consumer motivations, and, most importantly, shed light on what it really takes to make a loyalty programme commercially valuable.


Have you already launched a membership or subscription service, but think there’s untapped potential?

Alternatively, maybe you’re considering one but are uncertain about how to approach it for maximum value.

Either way, we can help you take the lead on seizing the opportunity and build long-term value for both business and customer alike.

To find out more about our experience in the leisure space get in touch.

John Franklin, Partner

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