The OC&C Digital Media Index - Online TV in 2019: Netflix on top but under attack

Netflix continues to top consumer ratings, but what are other players doing to attack and to differentiate?

martedì 23 aprile 2019


Netflix has kept its place at the top of our online TV index, winning across multiple genres and age groups. But being the rising star makes you a target. As we enter 2019 – and with new services being launched by Disney, BBC/ITV and Apple - we ask how vulnerable Netflix are from attack from different angles.

In our 2017 report, “To Platform or Not To Platform” we explored the potential for online TV to fall victim to the rise of super-aggregation – and likely impact on industry economics. Now in 2019 Netflix has stayed the leading online TV platform and other players are looking to challenge. OC&C’s Digital Media Index survey, asked 22,000 consumers about their views on different brands and their opinions on the hot button issues facing a range of digital industries. In our online TV report we explore:

  • What are the areas of strength for Netflix (and potential weaknesses)?
  • How do other online TV services (e.g. PSBs, Sky, Amazon, specialists) measure up across age groups, genre, selection criteria?
  • What are the key priorities of these challengers – and the potential strategies available to them?

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