Growth in the Video Gaming Ecosystem: the new role of games as media

The rise of watching in the evolving consumer gaming ecosystem

martedì 16 giugno 2020


Game streaming platforms such as YouTube Gaming and Twitch now play a significant role in how gamers discover and enjoy titles, and watchers represent a significant and rapidly growing opportunity for game publishers, developers and brands to access consumers as traditional media consumption continues to decline, and the gaming audience continues to expand.

In this report, in partnership with Google and Revealing Reality, we look to unpack the audiences, behaviours and motivations in this segment, and the implications this has for marketers and game design.

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martedì 9 giugno 2020

Growth in the Video Gaming Market: the changing state of play

Until recently, the video games industry has lagged behind other media categories in embracing the structural, behavioural and economic shifts that have transformed entertainment. But this is changing fast, and for games publishers and advertisers who quickly embrace these changes, the opportunities are huge.

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