Facebook Marketplace

The threat to classifieds – and example defensive strategies

lunedì 29 marzo 2021


Facebook Marketplace represents one of the most widely publicised and credible threats to traditional classified business models to have emerged in recent years. It is the first real evidence of a global Tech giant making a concerted play in the classified space and given its scale and capabilities, it could represent an existential threat to the industry as we know it today.

The good news is that Facebook’s success is by no means assured, and there are weaknesses leading “digital classifieds” players can exploit. Our findings show that although not all classifieds players will be impacted to the same extent; a strong and proactive defensive strategy encompassing a range of tactics will be key to mitigating this threat. 

If you would like to access the full report, or discuss these issues in more detail – or simply learn more about us and our work – please get in touch.

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